On a market that is increasingly aware and attentive to environmental sustainability, the effective solutions will always have to be greener and guarantee lower installation costs.

For the residential sector, UNE gave life to an all-in-one system 100% green, without any fire, explosion and gas emission risks, and totally Italian.

Completely recyclable, without harmful emission and fire risk, the sodium battery that powers our All-In-One system doesn’t even fall into the special waste category.


It guarantees a higher quality and duration (20 years) and can remain unused for a long time, even at difficult temperatures (- 20°C / + 60°C), without being damaged. In addition, one of the functionalities that makes the sodium battery unique is its exclusive back up system. The stored and maintained energy flow can be used in times of black out, when the energy withdrawal from the public grid is impossible.

Compared to normal lithium or lead batteries, this revolutionary energy implement is safer, because it eliminates the risk of combustion, and is more respectful of the environment, thanks to the use of a natural substance such as salt.


The All-In-One system is provided with a dedicated software with a factory pre-setting Zhero. The software allows the Working Modes programming (operating modes), supervision, anomalies’ analysis and a complete customization thanks to all the adjustable parameters.

You can access the device at any time from any computer or mobile device connected on the network, to supervise your consumption and control the energy data of the system.

All information about your energy is just a click away.

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