Zhero System has also been designed for bidirectional battery charging of some electric car models that provide this functionality.

Zhero System is able to recharge from the car and then release energy to the house: this solution is applicable in the case that the car is heavily loaded and Zhero needs a lot of energy.  At the same time, in contrary conditions, Zhero System can work as a recharge for the electric car

Let’s define this “Bidirectional Charging” feature. This is an application that guarantees extreme flexibility in energy management, because it allows it to be transferred to the device to which it is most needed, both for Zhero System and electric car motor.

In practice, it means that thanks to Zhero it is now possible to recharge an electric car directly from the photovoltaic installation, without any previous exchange with the national grid.

And there is more: The Bidirectional Charging system represents a step ahead towards zero-impact electric mobility, because the primary energy used is clean energy from the sun. With this system, the car can act as another energy tank: when Zhero System is recharged, the energy surplus will not be transferred to the network but stored in the car.

No cost and without any negative impact on the environment.

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